Germany looks set to legalize Online Casino Gambling in 16 states

Germany Online Casino

Germany (or at least a large part of it) looks to be well on the way towards legalization of the online casino and gambling industry with sources confirming that 16 states will be looking to make changes to legislation in order to facilitate regulated online gambling.

Over the last years the online casino industry and laws pertaining to it have been somewhat of a mess to say the least with one State not signing up and doing things differently and there being arguments with the EU over this.

The  Fourth Interstate Treaty which would come in existence on June 30, 2021 is expected to deal with these issues and allow for licensed and regulated online casino and poker operators to operate in Germany. Draft amendments are said to have already been agreed by 16 states however laws still need to be signed of by the President in order to proceed.

To us at Online Casino Slots News regulation of online gambling is the only move that makes sense in any country with the benefits far outweighing the down side. Not only will players have better protection, a country benefits from the taxes raised as is demonstrated perfectly by the situation in the USA where states that have already regulated and allowed the online casino industry are seeing nothing but beneficial effects.

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