Slots News 19/06/20

Dreamzone Slot

If you have visited Online Casino Slots News today then you will likely have noticed that we have made a subtle change to the site with a significant impact.

Previously we had one “New Slots” section that combined both slots that had been released this year “New” and slots that were due to be released some time in the future.

This resulted in a rather large page and section of our website that contained slots that could often not yet be played in demo mode on our site.

So today we made the decision to create a new section called “Upcoming Slots”. It is pretty self explanatory what this means and how it works we will just point out that this is where you will find demos of upcoming slots but not all slots will already have the demo available.

This is of course why we will continue with our semi daily “Slots News” which of course makes it easy to find out what slots have been added and are playable right now.

So lets start with the slots that we have added today that you can play.

First of we have All Star Knockout Ultra Gamble an updated version of All Star Knockout by Northern Lights Gaming and Yggdrasil, It comes with a buy type feature where you need to spin the wheel and land on green to trigger the free spins.

Play the free demo of All Star Knockout Ultra Gamble

Elk Studios have also made a new demo available, the slot in question is yet another very polished and somewhat gentle slot machine called Dreamzone.

We definitely enjoyed playing the demo and are pretty positive most of you will as well.

Play the free demo of Dreamzone slot

With so many slots on our website we will be spending the weekend sorting out the new and upcoming slot sections, most of it is done but there are still a few slots that we need to move to other sections and a couple more demo version to make available, more to come in tomorrows slots news.

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