New and Upcoming Slot Machines & Demo Free Play

Ramses Revenge Slot

For the benefit of those that are not familiar with Online Casino Slots News and how we do things, we wanted to take the opportunity to explain our new and upcoming slot machines sections and the demo free play of slots in both of these.

Generally speaking when a slot is released we used to put it in the new section while the upcoming slots section was always reserved for slots that had been announced but not yet released.

So basically in our new slots section you could play each and every slot machine for free in demo mode as well as for real money at the online casinos that we list.

Because of our excellent contacts and reputation in the industry (build up over 20 years which is how long most of our team have been involved in the online casino industry in various roles) we do get access to quite a lot of slot machines at a very early stage.

When we receive such access we release exclusive preview videos with permission from the developers involved.

Sometimes we are also granted permission to offer early access to the demo, often this is a little while after the preview but before the official release date.

These slots and the demo versions are traditionally available to play in our upcoming slot machine section. When the slot is released we will move it to the new slots section.

Because of the large number of developers and slot machines that we list it is possible that sometimes a slot which has still not yet been released will be listed in the new section before release. We obviously try to avoid this but sometimes it does happen especially when release dates are changed by the develop which actually happens quite frequently.

We will of course do our best to ensure this happens as less often as possible.

If you are looking for the latest demo slots we suggest also following us on Youtube or Twitter where we post frequent updates and new videos of upcoming slot machines.

You can of course also visit the developer pages on our site or search for any slot machine using the search feature in our slots directory.

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